Screen Printing – Outcome

The final outcome of this workshop was our zine. After the work that we produced in the workshop we were able to choose our favourites from what we produced and we decided on a simple black outline as the base print, with a overlapped layer of screen print of vibrant pink.

Screen Shot 2017-05-15 at 2.14.08 am.png

Overall, i am very happy with the results of this zine as i feel that the pink laid over the top has produced a very nice effect. This was all developed through our experimentation of a trial and error process. Not only are the colours complimenting each other but they create a great illusion that is very eye catching and makes you want to look at the zine for longer to understand and see all the details within the drawings.

This is definitely a process i am looking forward to using in future projects as it was an enjoyable experience that allows room for a lot of experimentation.


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