Project 3 – Designing Placards

The first placard that i started to create was for my manifesto slogan of  ‘Break Boundaries’. Overall i felt that this was my most powerful placard because of the visual impact of it. I started by experimenting with the word of ‘break’ so i played about with different fonts that would portray the idea of something being broken, this was a success as i focussed on a lot of different typeface and i really enjoyed the process. I then transferred and focused on the more literal meaning of something being broken, so i then focused on the idea of the word being distorted as if it where broken. After this process i decided that i would follow this through and it would be used in my final design.

The second manifesto that i created was for the slogan “Be Unique”. The reason i choose this slogan was because within my manifestos i was talking about being individual and having my own creative vision, this is what inspired the quote. When i was experimenting with fonts i realised that some of the fonts that i was creating were very unique and would fit perfectly with this placard. From that process i then went on to start choosing colours and designs, i went through many different designs till i found one that i was happy with. The one that i had chosen was very simple and bold, with the work “unique” in capital letters placed in the centre in huge letters. The reason for this was because i wanted it to be the focal point of the piece and have no distractions around it.

The final slogan that i decided to use for the manifesto placard was “C’est La Vie” this translations to english as “this is the life”. The reason i choose this was because within my manifesto i talked about not letting anything stop me and whatever happens i should be positive and just accept the things that happen in life. My thought process for this placard was that i wanted it to be different from the others and i did not want it to be plain and simple, it needed to stand out. Therefore, i decided that instead of just using a typeface and then painting it or writing it, i was going to cut out the letters so when people viewed the placard they would see the outlines of the words but no colour just the background that the placard is against.

I am excited to continue on to creating these placards.


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