Project 1 – Creating the Publication

The final stages of creating the book has been really rewarding because of the experience i have gained, i was able to create a finished publication that i am happy with. Throughout the whole process i have learnt a lot about how to problem solve and be as creative as possible with the brief.


This is the final publication, i feel you are clearly able to see the narrative of the book as well as the creativity taken place in order to create the book. The main processes that i have learned and improved on throughout this brief, would be about taking time to think about what would be the most efficient ways of producing something it has to be functional not just creative.

Not only was it enjoyable creating the book i feel that from the brief, i have learnt a lot about the surrounding area that the university is in. I feel that this has been a very progressive learning  and i am looking forward to continuing to learn these skills through later briefs and follow them on into a professional environment.


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