Project 3 – End Results

Overall i am really happy with how my Placards turned out. I feel that they perfectly encapsulate the true meaning of my manifesto. However, through this process i have learnt a lot though trial and error because i feel there are still some things i could of done differently. Although i know now that this … Continue reading Project 3 – End Results


Project 3 – Designing Placards

The first placard that i started to create was for my manifesto slogan of  'Break Boundaries'. Overall i felt that this was my most powerful placard because of the visual impact of it. I started by experimenting with the word of 'break' so i played about with different fonts that would portray the idea of something being … Continue reading Project 3 – Designing Placards

CS Package – Final Outcome

This final brief asked us to create a calligram from the poem "London" by William blake. this poem heavily involved a very somber atmosphere which meant that we had to create a calligram that represented that. The research i did for this project was to look into different forms of Calligrams and unique ways of … Continue reading CS Package – Final Outcome

Screen Printing – Outcome

The final outcome of this workshop was our zine. After the work that we produced in the workshop we were able to choose our favourites from what we produced and we decided on a simple black outline as the base print, with a overlapped layer of screen print of vibrant pink. Overall, i am very … Continue reading Screen Printing – Outcome

Screen Printing – The Process

Within this part of the core workshop we were then introduced to the Screen Printing workshop. The workshop itself was very big and filled with a variety of different equipment, that we then got an introduction to. The first stage of developing a screen print is to go into the back room of the workshop … Continue reading Screen Printing – The Process

Project 2 – Research

With the animation idea that i have chosen i have had to do a lot of prototyping. The reason for the prototyping is because i need to understand and have practice with using paint and learning how to make paint bounce without force. After researching through the internet and learning about different designers, what seems … Continue reading Project 2 – Research

Project 2 – New Animation Idea

After going back through my original research and development, i had already created a story line for the animation that used paint and a box. The idea itself was very similar to my first animation that there would be dripping paint gradually moving toward a box and then climbing up the box then inside the … Continue reading Project 2 – New Animation Idea

Project 2 – Difficulties in creating the Animation

The software i decided to use in order to create the animation was Photoshop. The reason for this was because i have used photoshop many times, yet i had never had the opportunity to use photoshop in order to create an animation sequence. The whole process of creating the animation on photoshop was a simple … Continue reading Project 2 – Difficulties in creating the Animation