Design Futures – Briefing for London Architecture

Within the first week of attending the second year of the Graphic Design course we were introduced to our new studios as well as our new briefs. This first brief we have received from Design Futures is called ‘London Architecture: Representational Abstracts’. This brief ‘s soul focus is for us as student creating an individual… Continue reading Design Futures – Briefing for London Architecture


Design Futures – Lazar Cutting Workshop

Within this workshop we learnt about the lazar cutter that we have available within the university. We had one of the technicians from the department come and show us what can be produced in a lazar cutter and what materials are safe to use and which ones produce the best effects. We were shown multiple… Continue reading Design Futures – Lazar Cutting Workshop

Design Futures – Printing Publication Workshop

Within this workshop, we learned how to professionally send a copy of a book to a publisher, that would then print it professionally. This workshop was very interesting at this stage of the project as we were coming to that point where we had to be thinking about sending the publication off the be printed… Continue reading Design Futures – Printing Publication Workshop

Design Futures – Overall Theme of Publication

Within the first initial stages of creating the publication, after I had gathered research and then began developing and expanding on ideas I felt that I should have a running theme throughout my publication. With this idea in mind I looked through all the development and got a sense of the way the publication was… Continue reading Design Futures – Overall Theme of Publication

Design Futures – Themes of Final Poster

When I was in the process of creating the poster, the theme of the poster is targeted to be simple and modern. This theme was based of the fact that I was creating a crisp, clean, elegant and modern publication, and the poster should portray that. Within the different elements of creating this poster I… Continue reading Design Futures – Themes of Final Poster

Design Futures – Development into materials

Within this stage of development i am bringing together all the final ideas and techniques that i am focusing on using. There were a few techniques I am questioning using within the final publication. One of the techniques that I am planning on using for the Sounds of the city theme within the publication is… Continue reading Design Futures – Development into materials

Design Futures – Materials and potential techniques.

Within the second stages of research were i had gathered all of my sketches and had a general idea into what i was thinking of developing within the further stages of research. I then had to start thinking about what type of materials and mark making techniques i would like to use in order to… Continue reading Design Futures – Materials and potential techniques.